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Sicoma Planetary Concrete Mixer
Sicoma Planetary Concrete Mixer
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  • Brief Introduction of SICOMA Planetary Concrete Mixer:

    SICOMA planetary concrete mixer is the new direction of disc mixing. The rotation and revolution of the mixing blades and disc ensure that the materials mix uniformly in a short time. As the high viscous mixing can make the cement cover all aggregates such as stone and sand entirely, etc. SICOMA planetary concrete mixer can save raw material and produce stronger concrete with less water and cement. SICOMA planetary concrete mixer can produce concrete in all grades in high efficiency, which is the industry standard of planetary concrete mixer. Besides, this sicoma concrete mixer is a world famous brand and has been recognized by the world in the production quality and after-sales service. SICOMA planetary concrete mixer is also an ideal choice to produce concrete member, prefabricated product, commercial concrete, etc.


    Working Principle of SICOMA Planetary Concrete Mixer:

    One or two mixing planetary of this sicoma concrete mixer rotates itself, and at the same time it rotates around the middle point, making the motion trails of mixing arm cover every corner of the whole concrete mixer. Therefore, the concrete mixer can mix materials. The fast, thorough and powerful mixing can shorten the time of mixing effectively, making the time of various kinds of concrete mixing 30s or less. So, this sicoma concrete mixer has higher production compared with concrete batching plant of the same production. Meanwhile, the concrete producing by this sicoma concrete mixer has higher viscosity and higher strength. That is to say, this concrete mixer can save cement.



    Main Feature

    Features of SICOMA Planetary Concrete Mixer:

    (1).The mixing arm rotates in high speed like planetary and can mix materials uniformly and quickly.
    (2).Compared with the same volume twin shaft concrete mixer, the lower altitude is good to match with batching plant and can lower the charging height and overall height.
    (3).The concrete mixer opens the discharging mouth by oil pressure piecewise.
    (4).Economy, durability and no mud leakage.
    (5).The best choice for building block and prefabricated product industry. 
    (6). Easy to maintain and change lining plate.

    Technical Data
    Volume (L)5007501000125015002000
    Motor Power (HP)254050602×402×50
    Hydraulic Motor Power (HP)2225.55.57.5
    Rotating Speed of Planetary Reducer (Rpm/min)212021151514
    Rotating Speeding of Planetary Wheel (Rpm/min)44414443+4330+3031+31
    Quantity of Long Mixing Arm for Revolution111111
    Quantity of Short Mixing Arm for Revolution111111
    Quantity of Short Mixing Arm333666
    Quantity of Side Scraper for Revolution444448
    Quantity of Bottom Scraper3333+33+33+3
    Weight (kg)200027003700470063008500

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